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Guy A. – Canada

Best paramotor on the market! End of discussion. Every year for the last 7-8 years, I have been purchasing a new nitro each year so I have the chance to experiment with many versions of it and I flew between 70-90 hours per year. First general remark, I never experienced major problems in fact I experienced only one problem over all these years with the pulley that was replaced free of charge in a blink of an eye. Originally, that pulley that hold the propeller had small rays and the new version of the pulley has larger rays and it solved that problem. Outside that incident, I never missed a flight, the engine starts like a spark the moment you hit the starter button, no other paramotor started like these nitro. They started so well that I have been using for years the same 4000 5s lithium battery that I charge at spring and I recharge it at the end of summer something like 200-300 starts before needing to recharge the battery.

I owned many versions but my preferred is definitely the titanium race version of the paramotor with electric starter, the clutch, the chrome exhaust that is beautiful but if I had a suggestion to make about the chrome exhaust,  I would suggest using a different coating more resistant to heat for the first part that comes out of the cylinder, the rest of the system stays intact, beautiful and easy to clean. In addition to that, these paramotors with the nitro engines are very reliable, light, comfortable and powerful. I enjoy every moment on flying with them.

Andy B. – United Kingdom

Nitro 200 with 80.7 hours.
Best paramotor ever. Weight very important to me as I’m disabled. I have flown all the parajet machines and the Nitro is much better. I also have a Tornado 280.
Pop off pressure needed adjustment at 78 hours, that’s all.

M. Tim C. – USA

Nitro 200 n°1289 – 128 hours.
Original owner of the Nitro 200 eStart Titanium V2 Race Frame since 2018.  Extremely satisfied with this engine based on it’s weight and reliability.  Not one engine out ( knock wood) during that time and I mainly fly XC.
Preventative maintenance-wise, I replaced the piston at 100 hrs, along with silencer, exhaust springs, and air box gasket.  I only use non-ethanol, 92 Octane, Amsoil Saber (55:1).  I still reach around 7,500 rpm’s, and have not needed to rebuild the carburetor at this time. The engine has never failed to start, and zero issues involving the eStart.

I plan on keeping this Paramotor, and will not hesitate purchasing a second Nitro in the future!
Ralf B. – Germany (translated from German)

First of all, I would like to apologize for writing in German. My engine number is 074 with 70 hours.I bought the Nitro 200 Titan used two years ago and have done some modifications since then.
My previous owner always flew the engine with a 1:45 mix ratio, which was far too rich. He had no real performance and after 30 hours. Scores shown by carbon in cylinder. I then installed a cylinder head and exhaust temp sensor to monitor the temperature during flight. I immediately switched to 102 octane with 1:60 fully synthetic oil. As a result, it started much better, ran smoother and had a lot more power. In addition, fuel consumption has decreased. Ready to fly, I weigh 100 kg and have converted with new red vibration rubbers and three blades. I am very happy with the Nitro 200 except for the harness. It has far too many bands and it’s difficult to adjust so that they don’t interfere. But I read that the new harness should be much better and lighter.

Dr. Dave Quinn – United Kingdom

I bought my 3rd AC paramotor and second nitro 200 about 4 months ago. My first nitro had 80 hours and my new one about 10 hours.
I’m 66, 5ft 5 tall and a bit overweight, and a but of a numpty when it comes to mechanics. I also developed prostate cancer that needed chemo and radio (fatigue was an ssue), so I needed a lightweight, reliable, comfortable and powerful machine. My variant was the titanium electric start. At no point did I have any mechanical issues. The engine was really reliable. I can’t overstate how amazing the light weight is. It just makes every phase of the take off and landing easier and safer. When I blew a take off, resetting the wing with the engine on didn’t exhaust me. When I’m landing, if it’s fast nil wind, the low weight means my knees and back are spared. All this means more confidence andy greater longevity for my flying career.
The version 2 is even better. The comfort of the harness has been improved, kill switch easily accessible. All of it makes flying hassle free and a joy. Support from Custom Air and Laurent count have been better.

I had the opportunity to replace my machine a few months ago (and the funds to choose what I wanted). I could have gone for the Parajet / Moster combo, a perfectly decent option, but went for the Nitro 200. That speaks for itself, a decision I’m glad I made.
M. Bruno K – France (translated from French)

I introduce myself K. Bruno, 62 years old paramotorist since 1989.
I have a long experience in paramotoring, I must total approximately more than 3,000 flight hours over 32 years of non-stop activities.
I finished 3rd in the individual ranking at the 2020 French Paramotor Distance Cup by having the most outings.
During all my years of flying, I have been able to follow all the evolution of machines and paragliders.
I had in my possession different brands and engines, but the one that seduced me the most by its ratio: weight / power, its linearity, its comfort with indisputably good reliability is the Air Conception Nitro Delta magnesium.
I had 3 Air Conception Delta Nitro machines in 2018 – 2019 – 2020 which I sold easily with more than 100 hours on the clock on each machine.
What I can say objectively without jargon.
That I encountered few mechanical problems one or two HS relays (they were replaced by a higher quality) The starter is of good quality and protected by a fuse (that’s a plus) I had encountered many more problems starters on my previous machines of another brand.
I had on some flights a power loss problem on my last Nitro after more than 30 minutes of flight (the boss sent me a new carburettor, a new coil under warranty).
The after-sales service is excellent and efficient.
The site to order the parts is well done (the prices have become a little more expensive than before).
A video: Warp Dudek / AC Nitro : une boucle de plus de 120 kms en moins de 2 heures

M. Simon H. – United Kingdom

I love the Nitro 200, although I’ve bought one with a medium harness, and I should have bought a large. If only I could find someone willing to swap!
The design is amazing! Please keep up the superb work.